Chimney pots & cowls

Chimney pots and cowls supplied and fitted

Chimneys need protecting just like anything else, and pots and cowls come in all shapes, sizes and designs to suit the style of your home and your taste.
damaged chimney pot

Get your damaged chimney pot replaced as soon as possible

Damaged chimney pots can prove costly and troublesome. If part of it falls in to the chimney it could lead to hot embers from the fire being thrown in to your living room, leading to a fire risk.

It could also restrict airflow leading to an inefficient burn in your fire or stove, or danger from fumes not being drawn from the air you are breathing.

If you see that your chimney pot is damaged call us today to inspect the damage and fit a replacement.

Is your chimney pot damaged? Call us today to arrange a replacement

01482 890 952 or 07900 200 111

Do you have a bird nesting in your chimney?

Birds nest in the most unlikely places, and if your chimney is uncovered and you haven't used it for some time, you might well find that a bird has decided to build its nest in it.

Give Leonards & Airlievac a call today to come and safely remove the nest, and fit a cowl to prevent this happening in future.
bird nesting in chimney
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