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Chimney building services

Chimney building is an art in itself; requiring years of training and experience to get right. It should always be entrusted to a specialist such as Leonards & Airlievac.
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Experienced chimney builders

It is essential that chimneys are built correctly, following tried and tested methods and structures for several reasons.

Firstly, it is important for any fire or stove that air flows through it quickly and efficiently in order for the fuel to burn cleanly to produce the desired heat. This means that any chimney must have good air flow.

Secondly the chimney stack must be built following UK Building Regulations. This is to ensure that the chimney stack is sound and unlikely to collapse due to poor construction. If the chimney stack does not conform, it could invalidate your insurance in the event of a problem.
Call in a specialist to build your chimney stack - don't trust it to someone who isn't qualified.

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Fully insured and qualified

If a builder is not qualified to carry out work on your chimney, do not employ them. Ask Leonards & Airlievac to do the work as specialists in this field. We are:

• NACS Code of Practice accredited to BS6461 and BSEN 15287
• NACS qualified to carry out flue smoke tests
• HETAS registered
• City & Guilds NVQ
• Insured up to £3 million
• Reliable, friendly and clean

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