Chimney repairs

Chimney repairs and maintenance

Like any building or structure, chimneys can need a bit of upkeep to keep them safe and functioning correctly - particularly as they are so exposed to the elements.
damaged chimney

Do you have a damaged chimney?

Perhaps there are some bricks missing or broken after a storm, or simply through normal wear and tear?

It is very important that you get the stack checked by a specialist such as Leonards & Airlievac. Never entrust chimney repairs to someone who isn't qualified and experienced. If the unthinkable were to happen and the chimney collapsed, you could be uninsured leading to a very expensive repair bill.

It is not only important that the stack is sound so there is no risk of a collapse, it is also vital that the flow is maintained for the efficiency of your fire or stove, and for safety.
Don't risk a chimney collapse which might not be covered by insurance; call the specialists today

01482 890 952 or 07900 200 111

CCTV camera surveys

We are regularly asked to carry out surveys of chimneys. This can be done extremely easily and professionally using CCTV technology. Using it, we can check for:

    Structural integrity
    Interior damage
    Build up of soot
aerials installed
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